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socks for over forty years

It's the year 1970 and Antonio Piccinelli has just opened the same hosiery factory that is now being lead by the second generation of the family. The first and most important achievements are followed by the transfer to Molinetto di Mazzano, where the sons join the company in the 80s. Even with their young ages, they start paving their way and acquiring experience and skills that will help them taking the lead of the family company.

In spite of the profound international crisis, in the following years the company grows and the production of hosiery increases, accompanied by a constant technological research. Since the 90s, Calzificio Piccinelli is a distinguished firm which provides high standards in the production of hosiery made of wool, cotton and several other fibers – guaranteeing a wide range of merch, great for both great distribution and niche market.

The devouted research of new materials and better technologies, the habit of reinvesting in modern machinery, the professionalism, the attention to the customers all have a role in making Calzificio Piccinelli more and more competitive and recognizable on the market. Our guidelines are the engine of this family company. Today the company increased its distribution reflecting the "know how" and the values of the tradition; both in Italy and in different areas of the world.
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quality and convenience

Calzificio Piccinelli created a complete line of high quality products, characterized by great wearability and comfort. These products are ideal for sports and free time. The manufacture takes place almost entirely in Italy.

Each phase is stricly regulated by specialized professionals who take care of every detail.. Cotton, acrylic, nylon and the rest of the fibers utilised have to undergo a series of meticulous tests to ensure they meet the high quality standards.

In order to guarantee also a fair price, part of the merch is made by international manufacturers, who assure the same level of quality and present an excellent final product.


The mission of the company has always been that of making an excellent product, selecting the best raw materials through extensive research and strict supervision.

Calzificio Piccinelli has a high productive force, with selling data satisfying wholesalers and big distribution chains – both from Italy and foreign countries, with product of either our brand or private labels.

  • Products with our brands: a wide collection of socks, available in Stock Service, sold on both Italian and foreign market;
  • Private label, custom made socks: the high versatility of our productions allows us to create custom made socks; our flexibility lets us produce both big and smaller amounts of goods;
  • Crowdfunding: associations, Onluses and no-profit organizations choose us to create custom made socks in crowfunding projects.

men's socks - piccinelli calze


Piccinelli Calze offers a vast array of socks for men, for work or sport, for leisure time, socks that suit even the most demanding feet. Socks are an essential item of clothing, used in every season and with every kind of shoe. With our socks, the customer can find what he’s looking for: perfect socks for any moment, for any man. We offer several models, designs with patterns and great style, collections always renovating.
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Every pair of socks for men produced by Calzificio Piccinelli is made of raw materials carefully selected and checked, with high quality yarns, capable of assuring comfort to everyone, for feet that won’t regret choosing our products.

We offer many designs for men, from basic ones to highly patterned and fashionable ones: from striped socks to diamond patterns, we’re sure every man will find a pair of socks he perceives as his own.

When you decide to wear something extravagant and elegant you can wear a pair of dotted socks, which will give a nice touch to the whole outfit. Several models, several possibilities, socks for satisfied feet.

"Men who don’t give themselves to everyone. They smile in different ways. They measure each look and each word. And they reserve the rest to a single woman. Such charm…"


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We offer socks made to give warmth. Long socks in cashmere and wool, for example, are ideal for winter.

Despite the shortness, short cashmere socks can protect your feet during winter and keep them comfortably warm.

In the same way, our cotton model knows how to take care of the style of every man all year round.

Take a look at our models and you’ll understand what makes Calzificio Piccinelli the ideal brand for man’s fashion, for people who wish to take care of every detail, and for whom socks are more than a detail.

women's socks - piccinelli calze


Socks are trendy, and for women in particular they highlight beauty and add charm. Piccinelli offers the perfect products for women who want to be on trend sock-wise, thanks to a wide variety of socks for women, from shorter models to long ones or longuettes. Our collections expands each season, we always offer new styles and patterns, to assure perfect matches with people who love to reinvent themselves and express their personality through clothes.
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Piccinelli treats its customers with different models for women, for every season.

During summer, fishnet socks are the lightest product to wear, giving the chance of having a fashionable look all the time.

For those who love hot weather, our leg warmers are the perfect solution because they can give great comfort and – at the same time – lighten even the coldest days with their peculiar patterns.

Skid-proof socks, moreover, make the simple act of walking inside your home a much more funny one, in a natural way; and they always look great!

"Don’t forget – two things are limitless: femininity and the ways to abuse of it…"


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With our socks every woman can freely express her fashion fantasy, with fun, color, without giving up on elegance. Piccinelli has a wide range of women socks where everyone can find the best option for her style.

We have the right model for every necessity: socks for a date, a romantic dinner, for every wish. An example – our maxi knee-high socks, a classic accessory that never fades out of fashion, that every woman deserves to wear!

Our collection of long socks is also very much appreciated; socks made with warm and high-quality yarns, perfect to give appeal and keep warm during winter time.

child's socks - piccinelli calze


With our collections of socks for the younger every child can find their style, a fashionable but always funny style. We have many products for both male and female, which are among the cutest designs ever seen. Our baby girl collection gives many possibilities to those who love an amazing look. You can choose from dots, stripes, butterflies and glitter: every girl will have so much fun in finding her personalised matches.
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Calzificio Piccinelli has a lot of comfortable and nice socks for newborns and toddlers, most of all we have

  • stockings
  • short socks
  • skip-proof socks

An adorable collection for babies, with valid products.

Among our designs we have funny prints with animals, dots, stripes, perfect to protect and help our little ones grow!

" You have a long way to go, child.. If you wanna discover the world…"


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Calzificio Piccinelli’s short socks for children are a valid item of clothing, aesthetically neat and essential.

We give older children the possibility to choose among socks with their favourite characters, with colorful patterns and many different models to brighten their days.

Our skid-proof socks are perfect for the active ones, that can walk (or run!) around safely.

our brands



Created in the 70s, it's the trademark of our tradition, guaranteeing the continuity and reliability of the company and its products. Many decades from the beginning of our company we once again prove our strenghts, offering a wide selection of products offering quality for all.


Socks become creative outlets that light up with dynamic chromatic combinations. For our collections we reflect on femininity – characterising over 20 years of our brand's history.

OXY Femme® speaks to the women of the world. Different women, all of them looking for convenience, quality, style and seduction. OXY Femme®'s goal is that of being a benchmark for these women, with practical and feminine products. Womanliness is a concept that keeps changing and evolving in its ways of being and presenting itself – OXY Femme® aspires to follow and interpret this evolution.


This trademark represents the peak of several years of trial and error culminated in the creation of a new generation of sport socks: the accessory socks. Socks that don't just protect from warmth and coldness, blisters and smell, but that transform the feet who wear them into a tool to give the best performance in the sport of choice.

This is made possible thanks to new-generation machinery, making custom-made products where each step of the production is dedicated to finding the best material and structure. Our OUTDOOR PHILOSOFY socks are great for dynamic and sporty people, who deserve and get high-performing and high-quality products. Our collections are designed in detail in order to support the needs of several disciplines such as cycling, skiing, snowboarding, trekking, hunting and fishing.


DI.A.DA® stockings for children and babies

DI.A.DA.® is the brand offering a collection of socks for newborns, toddlers and children. It consists of particularly comfortable article which are, at the same time, fun and colorful, with prints that a younger child is going to love.
This socks are created to support all of the movements of childood, from the first steps to the first playing days, to dress children both nicely and conveniently.

We make a priority of their small tantrums: we’re used to treating mothers and women with high quality products, how can we not do it with their children?

unlimited® and unlimited black®


UNLIMITED® is the trademark that invests in specialisation and research and offers socks for sport and spare time of great quality. High quality fibers are utilised for socks that can perform amazingly thanks to modern weaving systems.


UNLIMITED BLACK® specialises in classical and high-end socks. It’s a product of superior quality, obtain through the use of TOP quality fibers and noble fibers such as kashmere, alpaca, wool and silk. Socks for the man who loves to be elegant.

our brands

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